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his is old news of course, and I don't know how many that still would be interested, but as it took me a while to gather all the information I needed to get my game running smoothly, I am going to share anyway.

Just playing the base game was annoying enough, but when I bought Island Paradise the lagging went from annoying to unbearable and I went looking for answers how to solve it. This is what I did: A "how to" on my blog.
05 January 2016 @ 11:42 pm

08 August 2015 @ 08:06 pm

It's been awhile. Like....almost two years. But we're back!!! Click the photo or follow this link!

If you care, start at the beginning!
27 July 2015 @ 06:19 am
come on down to the cement pond and kindly enjoy some Kingstons
2.0 | 2.1
17 July 2015 @ 06:32 pm

Warning: University, cats and strong language  ❖

◉ click here for the archive click here for chapter 1.2
08 July 2015 @ 12:57 am

( 6.3 / Archive )