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Sims 3 Picture Taking Tutorial~

There are some people who I have noticed that are unable to properly edit their screenies and end up making it too sharped, too bright, or too saturated. So here is my take on editing screenshots.

Things you will need:
An image editing program. I suggest Photoshop CS2, CS3, or CS4. If you don’t have those, you can use something like Paint Shop Pro or GIMP. I’m not sure how to convert this tutorial to PSP/GIMP, so please don’t ask me.
A screencap program. Here are a few:
http://www.gadwin.com/printscreen/ (This is what I use and this is what I’ll use in the tutorial.)

here we go :B
1. Download the programs you need, and whatever. Open your game. Choose your family, w/e.

2. Position the in-game camera where you want it. Like so.

3. Now hit the tab key on your keyboard. This is camera man mode.

4. Hit ‘prt screen’ on your keyboard. (Or whatever key you have on your program to snap the pictures.)

5. Now open Photoshop. Open the screencap you just took.

6. Use the crop too to get rid of any extra things you don’t want in the screencap. Like so.

7. Go to Image >> Image Size. Here. Change the width to whatever you’d like it to be. I’m changing mine to 600px. It’ll calculate what the height should be, don’t worry about it.

8. Go to Image >> Adjustments >> Curves. Here. Change input to 145, and output to 165. You don’t have to do this, you can substitute it with brightness/contrast or you can just leave it be.

9. Go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharpen mask and set your settings to these.

10. (You could stop here and just upload the picture. This last part is a border.) Select the image. Select >> All.

11. Go to Edit >> Stroke. Here. Use these settings: Link

12. Go to Edit >> Stroke again. Now use these settings. (The color doesn’t necessarily have to be gray, you can use whatever color you’d like.) Link.

13. Now save the image to wherever you’d like, and upload it. I suggest LJ galleries, http://tinypic.com, http://photobucket.com, or imageshack. (no link for that, sorry.) :) Tada~!

Finished Picture:

have fun :)
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